Foreign Language Courses

Learning through fun and games

For kids ages 6-7, this program will immerse your child in the foreign language through fun and games

OMIROS Stepping Stones
(Young Learner Programmes)

Just as the name states, this language course is for ages 7-9 and is a stepping stone for kids to learn and be able to use basic language structures.

OMIROS Pathways

Building on the previous two language courses, Pathways helps children ages 9-12 to enrich their language skills furthering their understanding of both oral and written speech.

OMIROS Avenues

Teens ages 13-15 will begin to have a thorough command of the language giving them the ability to use it with ease and fluency, allowing them to successfully attain the B1 and B2 level certificates.

OMIROS Experts

Having already established a thorough command of the language, in this language course students fully develop their language skills which lead them to C2 level certificates recognized worldwide.

Students prepare with high-quality materials in order to prepare themselves for language exams necessary to be admitted to universities in Greece and abroad.

OMIROS Life Long Education
(Adult Courses)

Adult language courses concentrating on oral and everyday communication in a friendly and pressure-free environment.

Stay in touch with any foreign language you want to learn without pressure and on your own schedule.  

For ambitious and hardworking executives and business people, looking to take advantage of globalization and the new professional prospects it offers.